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Guild Wars 2 is the spin-off of ArenaNet’s lead title, Guild Wars. GW2 expects to settle a great deal of what’s “wrong” in the MMO world. With revamped battle mechanics, an attention on Dynamic Events, voiced journey exchange, a few new callings, fan-most loved races, and the enormous open universe of Tyria, Guild Wars 2 is significantly more epic in degree than the first… while as yet holding the F2P plan of action. The dependence on a heavenly trinity of class-parts is gone as well, with each calling in GW2 having the capacity to go up against a few parts, including that of a healer. On top of everything, there are additionally a few one of a kind types of PvP for the focused gamer: from match-made challenges that any gamer will be acquainted with to enormous World versus World versus World wars that pitch whole servers against each other. ArenaNet seeks there is something after everybody in Guild Wars 2.


Dynamic Events | Aimed at making questing more intriguing than slaughtering ten rats, Dynamic Events are territory wide missions that scale in light of the measure of individuals taking part and can set in movement a chain response that traverses a whole zone. Players will dependably have something new and energizing to do when they sign in, from ceasing a band of attacking centaurs, to chasing down an enormous ice wyrm with the Norns.

One of a kind Combat Mechanics | Each calling has both weapons and spells to utilize, and every weapon has its own abilities too. Players will have the capacity to mix their abilities to make capable associations (fire bolts toss a mass of flame to make blazing bolts), and each class is equipped for being a healer, guaranteeing that you’re never holding up for a “cleric” to finish content.

Individual Story

At character creation, players will set up their own history for their saint, which will illuminate their whole story all through the extent of GW2, augmenting replay esteem and guaranteeing that your character feels like a character, and not only a symbol with sparkling protection.

WvWvW PVP | A part of the Endgame, we don’t know much about WvWvW PVP yet, other than the way that it will permit several players from three distinct servers to go up against each other in a gigantic fight with attack weapons and destructible situations for some truly outrageous all inclusive rewards that are gave to the champ.

Allowed to Play | Guild Wars 2 will proceed with the custom of its progenitor by being totally free past the retail buy of the diversion. There will be an Item Shop in the diversion, however ArenaNet demands that it might be for corrective and accommodation things, never to anything that would give one player an aggressive edge.


  • Warrior | Your sword and board ace, the Warrior likes to be in the thick of fight.
  • Officer | The extended pro fit for part an insect in two from three hundred yards away.
  • Magician | Master of the undead and dim expressions, you would prefer not to tick the Necromancer off.
  • Elementalist | The supernatural planner of flame, air, earth, and water. Fundamentally, a seething pyro with a couple of different traps too. Be that as it may, go ahead… flame.
  • Gatekeeper | This calling is never going to budge on ensuring his mates, and he does it through making torment his adversaries and in addition warding his partners.
  • Hoodlum | Fancy yourself a spry little pickpocket? Alternately would you simply like to get all stabby on somebody? This might be the class for you.
  • Build | Guns, traps, bombs… more weapons. The architect is about the mechanics (truly) of fight.
  • Mesmer | A fan top choice, the Mesmer’s abilities include the control and decimation of its foes’ psyches. He will make you believe you’re ablaze while you battle reflect pictures of him and watch him transport over the front line in barely a second.


  • Asura | Little, virtuoso, and cursed charming, the Asura are innovative wonders with an enthusiasm for innovation.
  • Charr | Primal, tribal, and fixated on warring as a piece of their principle presence, the Charr are new partners to the general population of Tyria… however brutal ones at that.
  • Norn | These gigantic 9-foot tall Northerners esteem the spirits of nature more than whatever else.
  • Sylvari | The Sylvari are a youthful organic plant-like race, whose curious nature has conveyed them to the cutting edge of the contention in Tyria.
  • Human | The most far reaching and powerful race in Tyria, the Humans must work with the greater part of alternate races to guarantee the wellbeing and survival of Tyria.

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