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The charming imp can be purchased from the rewards trader at Daemonheim for 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens. This imp will automatically collect any charms dropped by monsters you are killing and place them in your inventory. He can also destroy certain charms if you ask him to for a small amount of Summoning XP.

Crimson and blue charms offer vastly more XP than their gold and green counterparts so try to save them for higher levels. Additionally most pouches made with green charms offer the lowest return on your investment so you may want to skip using them altogether at higher levels.
There are various areas in Gielinor where Familiars are not welcome however you will be warned if you try to enter such an area with a Familiar or try to summon one there. Certain minigames such as Barrows and Barbarian Assault do not allow Familiars. The Corporeal Beast will eat any Familiars taken into its lair.

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Beast of Burden

Beasts of Burden cannot carry higher value items, however the Pack Yak Familiar can still send items to a player’s bank regardless of their value.
Exchanging pouches for shards is a good way to recoup some money on some of the harder to sell pouches, even more so if you have completed the Tirannwn Hard Task set as Lord Amlodd gives you 10% more shards than Bogrog.
Some Familiars have useful teleports such as the spirit kyatt’s teleport to just south of the Piscatoris obelisk, the lava titan’s teleport to the lava maze and the spirit larupia’s teleport to the Nature Altar.


Upon reaching level 99 Summoning it is possible to purchase a summoning cape from Pikkupstix in Taverley. As with all skill capes the cost is 99,000 gp. Players who already have 99 in another skill will instead receive a trimmed summoning cape. Sumcapecombined
After obtaining 99 Summoning it becomes possible to obtain a summoned shard randomly which can be combined with other shards from the other combat skills (Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged and Strength) to create a combatant’s cape. It has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape.


Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain “True Mastery” by obtaining “120 Summoning” which is 104,273,166 XP. The Summoning master cape can be purchased from Pikkupstix for 120,000 gp.

Summoning master cape
It is worth noting that beyond level 99 there is no additional content for Summoning as the level increases are invisible so training the skill gets no faster. To work out your theoretical Summoning level check out our XP table.


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